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United States
I am the resident dabbler-of-sorts of a small down in Indiana. Once, I traversed the crowded streets of Metro-Atlanta, but have since dispersed to a life in the north much better suited for my tastes. It is here I spend my days working as an automation operator with a wonderful wife by my side. Currently I casually work with digital art, usually scenery or symbolography, though I consider my strength to be in writing.

One of my greatest hobbies is spending time with friends and family around the game table, creating stories through the avenues of Pathfinder and similar games. While I enjoy all aspects of hosting and playing such games, I usually find myself hosting more than playing, and thus have recently taken it upon myself to record the ideas that come forth when crafting the worlds and scenarios for my friends to take part in. These stories and ideas have accumulated into a project that I am breathing life into, the Realms of Eos (ee-ohs), a broad and diverse world that features a vast array of places for adventure, as well as new cosmic beings known as Primordials and Aspects who can be chosen by players in lieu of a traditional deity.

Artwork and literature pertaining to Eos will likely be the features of my time here, so if that interests you at all, keep a look out!

I bid you a joyful farewell, and please, do enjoy yourself whilst you rest here in my little corner of the unknowably vast web.


William, a.k.a. "Goggles"
It's been a crazy few months. I can't believe everything that was happened all came and went so fast! Even now I'm still kinda reeling from it all; some things have yet to wind down, and others are just now beginning!

Now, to get some of that heavy-laden ambiguity out of the way, I was engaged to the love of my life, Uptownchic, since last November. Let's take a look at everything that's happened since then.

November '15: Got officially engaged, made significant plans to stop college midway and move elsewhere when I had only lived at home my whole life
December '15: Finished my last semester of college for now, moved from Georgia to Indiana to be with my love
January '16: Got a job at a long-term care pharmacy as a floor technician, largely on my own at this point
March '16: Me and my love got her mom to play Pathfinder with us. She's a dwarf paladin, and she's awesome.
July '16: Me and my love both got promoted, and she's in a managerial position now!
September '16: We got an apartment of our own AND WE GOT MARRIED!
October '16: Birthday, Pathfinder campaign coming to fruition, chaos at work, now!

So that's a pretty good idea of how the past year has been going, I've moved twice after having not moved ever, got married, etc. An incredibly exciting and happy time, to be sure! Amidst a lot of this I've been writing little short stories as inspiration comes, mostly on my phone, so there might be one or two that I haven't submitted yet. I'll get around to it eventually. That being said, with the advent of my most recent Pathfinder campaign, I'll be drawing up some world/regional maps, so stay tuned for those!

Until next time, peace!

- William



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